The service is introduced

Immediate delivery

Distance 2 kilomeyers

Adopting a capacity delivery service model

Suitable for customers with high-quality needs

City wide delivery service

Aiming at merchants with high customer orders,scattered store orders,and the characteristics of the sinking market,we have launched a "city wide delivery" long-distance delivery service,suitable for merchants with long-distance delivery such as mobile digital.flower cake,medicine,etc

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Customized solutions

Launch customized delivery solutions based on brand characteristics,business forms, and delivery scenarios,providing high-quality services to help customers achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement goals

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Benefts of using GOCHICK

Make your life simpler

What are the advantages? Why choose us

Provide eficient fulfllment solutions for brands with full service and instant delivery

Smart logistics system

Distribute orders, dynamically price and follow up in real-time, and cotrol delivery time

Automatic biling system

This is the advantage of hardware,which can be divided into orders,which can not be done temporarily on other platforms ,so as to save labor costs